1. What to expect?

    2. About the facilitator

    1. Body awareness exercise (experiential part)

    2. What is body awareness?

    3. Why do we need different types of awareness?

    4. Mind-body connection and the SIBAM model

    5. Visualisation exercise (experiential part)

    1. The two branches of the Autonomic Nervous System

    2. Survival (or defense) responses

    3. Threat response cycle - Why wild animals don’t get traumatised?

    4. What is trauma and how does it show up in the body?

    1. Trauma-informed approach

    2. Somatic tools for self-soothing and self-regulation (experiential part)

    3. Bonus

About this course

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Elena Jacinta

Welcome, I’m Elena Jacinta a trauma-informed somatic practitioner based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I help people find relief from symptoms of chronic stress and trauma using the wisdom of their bodies. I believe in a slow and mindful approach to working with the body and the nervous system. I also believe that it is possible to release many unhelpful emotional, mental and behavioural patterns by engaging our body-mind. I mostly work one-on-one using body-oriented modalities such as trauma-informed yoga, EFT tapping and Somatic Experiencing and I enjoy creating a safe and nurturing space for my clients to connect deeply to themselves.